Outdoor classes are run on a drop-in basis, there’s no need to pre-book just turn up.
   Places on all the indoor classes & courses need to be reserved in advance.
   Only dogs with sound temperaments are allowed to attend indoor venues.
   By law, all dogs must wear an ID disc and handlers must carry poo bags.
   In line with new legislation dogs are required to have a microchip, which is registered on a Defra approved database, in the UK (unless exempt).
   Any dog taking a Good Citizen Dog Scheme Test after the 6th April 2016 or a Puppy Foundation Course will be required to have a microchip.
   Please use a flat collar or half-check collar and a 5’ lead (no extendables). If you use a ‘Gentle Leader’ or ‘Halti’ type collar or harness then please bring that too.
   Bring a toy and training treats to keep your dog’s attention. For safety’s sake please don’t use a plastic bag for treats – if they swallow the bag you’ll be off the vets next!
   Training takes place in all weather so please wear suitable clothing and footwear – you can’t teach the recall wearing flip-flops.
   Please make your trainer aware of any issues, conditions or problems that you or your dog may have that could affect your training or
   others attending the class with you.
   It is your responsibility to ensure that your dog’s vaccinations, boosters and insurance are up to date and that your dog has been wormed recently.
   If you suspect that your dog has kennel cough or an infectious illness then please don’t come to training until you have been given the all clear from your vet.
   Bitches in season should not attend training classes – if you’re in doubt about when she can return then check with your vet.
   You are responsible for your dog and the safety of others at all times; if you would normally muzzle your dog when out in public then please make us aware of this before you come to training.
   Children under 18 are welcome at training classes but a parent or guardian must accompany them.
What to Bring, What to Know & What to Tell Us

No membership fee is necessary to attend any of the classes or events. However there are some rules…

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