Take control and have more fun with your dog. We use reward-based training methods for all our classes, but teaching dogs to sit, stay and walk to heel in a class environment is only one element - we also prepare them to cope with everyday life through a combination of:

Socialisation – how to relax around people, dogs, places, noises & other distractions.

Rules – teaching good manners & how to behave in various situations.

Obedience – how to get and keep their attention at all times.

Training Classes

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               Thanks for all your excellent advice, Mike. I’d always thought Maisie was a ‘difficult’ dog to train but I don’t any more, now I understand what makes her tick and how to get the best from her with dog-friendly training techniques. We’re both enjoying the classes – and both learning a lot!

Stu & Maisie


Indoor KCGCDS & Advanced Training  Wed + Thurs eve. (See below)

The Well Heeled Dog Club is approved as a training provider of the highly respected Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme (KCGCDS). Open to all dogs over 6mths of age, the scheme incorporates three awards: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Dog owners will be trained to develop their skills by working towards a nationally recognised standard with their dog. The cost to register on each Level is £45 and includes your KC test fee; each training session you attend up to test night is £7/week.

KCGCDS Bronze & Silver Levels

Barnton Memorial Hall, CW8 4LH

Wednesday 6.50 Bronze / 8.00 Silver

PLEASE NOTE: Only dogs with sound temperaments are allowed to attend the indoor venues

KCGCDS Gold Level & Advanced training

Comberbach Memorial Hall, CW9 6AU

Thursday 7.45 Gold / 8.50 Advanced

Outdoor Training 

Typical classes include heelwork, recall, distraction control, dog-to-dog interaction, food manners, self-control, basic agility, and lots more...

Marbury Park, Northwich - Saturday mornings.  £5/hr per dog.

  9:45    Beginners and socialising (age 10mths+)

10:45    Intermediate (on & off lead)

12:00    Puppy class (3-9mths old)

  1:00    Open training and behavioural advice session

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KC Puppy Courses  Monday evenings 6.00 & 7.30pm. Course fee £70

Kennel Club Puppy Foundation 6 week socialisation courses are held at Pickmere Village Hall on Monday evenings. We’ll teach your puppy to stop play biting & jumping up, introduce the basic commands, encourage good manners, to come when called and lots more.

Dog Training in Northwich

Lifelong learning and fun for dogs and their owners

Tel: 07768 980 918    I    Email: mike@thedogclub.co.uk