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Help your puppy to learn to toilet outside with a Puppy Patch. Dogs learn by association, so once he gets used to using a Patch he’s more likely to toilet outside when he feels grass under his feet.

Place the Patch on a puppy pad (or newspaper) to soak up any mess indoors and then move the patch outside once your dog’s go into the habit of using it.*

90cm X 60cm


Dog Patches can be used on any surface and any place that you’d like the dog to use as their toilet area. Simply tape the two Patches together with duck-tape, set into your lawn, cut to shape, or lay out on the patio and edge with a border if you like.

Direct your dog onto the area – use your ‘trigger word’ praise & reward immediately as soon as he uses it.*

120cm X 90cm


Dog’s like to circle an area before eliminating (this stems from the days when they used to have to flatten the grass first) so give a larger dog a bigger area to use. Pet Turf is sold in modular sizes - a Large Dog Patch consists of 4 x pet patches which will need to be taped together with duck-tape; ideal for a Labrador or GSD size dog.

Pet patches can also be taped end-to-end to create a dog run of 60cm x 3.6m, thereby protecting garden borders and runs.

180cm X 120cm

If your lawn suffers from those nasty yellow burn patches caused by your pet, then 'Pet Turf' is for you. The patches of

synthetic grass can be used on their own in any area or on any surface, or can be cut to shape and incorporated into your existing lawn.

Guaranteed light stable and colour-fast for 15 years     Hygenic and easy to keep clean     No more smelly unsightly areas     Never needs mowing!   

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Pet Turf is easy to fit, simply set into your lawn on a bed of grit-sand. However if you don’t want to do the digging then we can offer a fitting service for larger areas or complete lawn replacement. Please contact us for details.

*For help with toilet training your dog, go to ‘Tips & Links’ on the website.

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