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Stop your dog pulling on the lead  (One size fits all dogs.)

The GENCON All-in-1 will NOT pull up into your dogs eyes. The lead consist of two loops, one goes over the nose, the other containing the lead ring goes around the neck. When the dog pulls they both tighten, restricting the whole head, the dog backs off from the restriction, in other words STOPS PULLING! The action is from the side of the head and is very gentle, it does not pull your dog's head around and is comfortable for the dog to wear.


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Baskerville Ultra is the ultimate muzzle. Every aspect of the muzzle’s design has been created to combine maximum safety with comfort for the dog.   It has taken four years to develop, however we truly believe that it was worth the wait. The material is extremely tough and durable, yet malleable and soft to touch. The ergonomically designed safety strapping ensures the muzzle will always remain securely in place and features two additional points of secure attachment. The loop at the bottom is designed to attach to your dog’s regular collar and an optional over-head safety strap should ensure that even a canine Houdini cannot escape! The Ultra also has a secure metal buckle with pre-holed webbing, to ensure it is quick and easy to fit and the neoprene padding ensures it is snug and comfortable.

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The CLIX CarSafe harness has been developed to provide safety and comfort for your dog, both in the car and whilst walking. Soft neoprene padding covers all points of contact to ensure maximum protection and comfort, with particular focus on the central chest protector. The unique 'X-Cross' design provides an extremely comfortable and ergonomic fit, whilst ensuring the harness remains in the optimum position, even whilst moving. The CLIX CarSafe harness is made from approved safety-standard seat-belt material and has been designed in a continuous loop, to ensure that in the unfortunate event of an accident, maximum strength is retained. Fitting and use are easy, thanks to the double-sided adjustable buckles; the harness clips together without the need to manipulate the dog's legs. The harness can be securely attached by either plugging straight into the seat-belt socket or by sliding the seat-belt through the harness.

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Anxiety TFLN is specifically formulated to help provide relief from fear of Thunderstorms, Fireworks and Loud Noises. This homeopathic remedy is fast-acting and very effective.

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Anxiety Relief is especially effective for treating separation problems, vet/groomer visits, boarding/kennelling and introductions to new animals or environments.

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Travel Anxiety helps provide relief from all forms of motion sickness and fear of travel. It has a calming effect from overexcitement in the car and motion sickness.

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Snakes, insects and birds such as geese, use their hiss sound to drive off predators and our domesticated pets have an instinctive sensitivity to this sound.

The Pet Corrector emits a hiss of air which mimics this sound, to interrupt undesirable behaviours in dogs such as jumping up or stealing. There is a detailed training guide included, with helpful training tips and key dos and don'ts. It is important that the Pet Corrector is used responsibly and that alternative desirable behaviours are rewarded.

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The Pet Corrector™ Holster is the must-have accessory for all Pet Corrector users. The holster can be attached to any belt or pocket so that the Pet Corrector is always to hand and ready for an emergency. Fits 50ml can only.

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The No-Bark Collar comes with two bark deterrent settings; vibrate and a high pitch noise, allowing you to find the sensation your dog is most sensitive to. Available in two sizes and with an adjustable strap, this lightweight collar is the perfect tool to help stop your dog from barking.


The Aboistop Anti-Bark Collar is available in two sizes; 'standard' for dogs over 8kg and a 'compact' smaller, lightweight version. The collar comes complete with odourless refill, battery and collar and it usually has an instantaneous effect upon barking dogs.


Control your dog using either the sound or vibration training modes integrated within this collar. With four correctional levels you are able to prevent your dog from bad behaviour. The collar can also be used for recalling your dog. The Remote Control Vibration Training Dog Collar has a 50m range and comes complete with a detachable wrist band to keep the remote to hand.

Using the plastic clasp the collar is easy to fit and release, and the adjustable, nylon material makes it comfortable to wear for your dog. Fits upto 64cm.


Sound fobias are very common in dogs. The Safe 'n' Sound CD features lots of sounds that your dog will have to get used to in his day-to-day life and desensitising him to scary noises at an early age will help to keep him calm whatever the circumstances.

MINI STOP-IT  (30ml)

Stop unwanted behaviour - quickly!

Teach your dog to behave in the way you want. Stop-Its contain a bitter-apple solution that is unpleasant tasting but harmless to dogs… well-timed use will help to stop puppies and dogs from jumping up, biting clothing or dog leads, chewing furniture & wires, stealing, barking… plus any other behaviour that you want to correct.

Keep the Mini Stop-It hidden in your hand and don’t let your dog see it – we want him to think your hand has hidden powers! Combine the word “No” with a spray in his direction and he’ll stop whatever he’s doing. He’ll soon understand that when he hears ‘No’ that he better stop quick before the spray comes.

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Stop-Its use a bitter-apple solution that is unpleasant tasting but harmless to dogs. The solution can be used neat in the Mini Stop-It spray bottles, and can also be applied directly to a pet’s fur to stop them from chewing paws or sore patches.  If using directly on fabrics or furniture test it on a small area first to make sure it doesn’t discolour.


Stop-It spray dispenser bottles are supplied in 3’s. Refill bottles are available separately.

Whenever there’s a puppy in the house it’s a good idea to keep a few close to hand to correct any behaviour before it becomes a habit.

Keep one by the front door to stop him jumping up at visitors; one in your dressing gown pocket to stop her hanging onto your nightwear; one down the side of the sofa to stop furniture chewing etc. 


When using a GENCON All-in-1, we recommend using a Safety Link.The link attaches to the dog's conventional collar and provides additional security.

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