KC Foundation Puppy Course

               We’ve really enjoyed the puppy course; like all her classmates, Mitzi’s confidence and good behaviour has soared. You’ve a calm but firm manner that gets all the puppies paying attention and responding to you - we’re hoping that by following your example and your many tips and suggestions we’ll get

the same response

from Mitzi too!

Julie and Victoria & Mitzi (Bichon Frisee)

       Pickmere Village Hall. Monday eve 6pm & 7.30pm (Pre-booking is essential)

Help settle your puppy into the new family by enrolling on a 6 week course. You’ll learn how to stop your puppy play biting, introduce the basic commands, encourage good manners, come when called and lots more. The training is reward based and throughout the course you will also learn how to understand your dog’s behaviour and body language.

Cost for the 6 week course is £70, payable on the first night. Puppies must be microchipped and have had their second jab before attending the course.

IMPORTANT: These courses are very popular and places fill up fast.

Please plan ahead as far as possible and  contact us for availability

FREE CD to help your dog stay calm and confident around scary noises

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