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Need a 1-2-1?

We can’t believe the difference your one-to-one training has made – it feels like we’ve swapped our dog! Gone is the nervous behaviour that used to take the pleasure out of walking and being outdoors, he’s now a wonderful family dog. We used to think TV dog programmes were a set-up until we met you. Now we know effective training works!

Alec and Sue, & Patrick

(Staffordshire Bull Terrior)

Training and Behaviour Advice

Any behaviour that is rewarding, or gets a result, is likely to be repeated in the future. Unfortunately though our dogs don’t come knowing the difference between good & bad behaviour so it’s up to us to teach them the difference before they make up their own rules. If a behaviour has got out of hand then you may well need help to redress the balance.

Aggression (towards other dogs and people)

Anxiety (such as being left home-alone)


Car travel

Chewing & destruction problems

Compulsive disorders

Fears & Phobias (e.g. fireworks, traffic, crowds)

Private, one-to-one training sessions can be arranged at a time and place to suit you and your family. These can range from establishing the ‘home rules’ for new puppies, through to ‘bringing home a baby’, improving your dog’s recall, or helping you with specific training needs. Cost, including training notes: Puppy Home-visit £50 (2-6mths) / Dogs £65 (7mths+)

For more serious behavioural problems, a one-to-one initial consultation is the best place to start. Once the extent of the problem is understood we can work with you and offer practical advice and solutions. A bespoke training plan will be drawn up for you to follow. Cost per session, including bespoke training plan £65.

Email Consultation Ideal if free-time is limited. Following completion of an emailed questionnaire we’ll respond with a written report, a training plan and/or a behaviour programme. Cost £45, pre-payment is required.

**All consultations include free email & telephone support for 30 days**

Commonly treated behaviour problems:

House Training problems

Jumping up & Hyperactivity

Noise problems

Pulling on lead & Handling problems

Resource guarding

Separation problems

Stealing food and possessions

Q. What’s the difference between a

dog trainer and a behaviourist ?

A. The main difference lies in the approach:

A trainer teaches a dog to do something whereas a behavourist teaches them not to do something. Most good dog trainers know a great deal about dog behaviour and can help you to deal with the majority of common dog training and behaviour problems and should be able to advise you if a referral to a clinical behaviourist should be considered for a complex/psychological problem.

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